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Blue Aqua Group is the Global company who's sponsor of AquaSG'17
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Oct 3rd

​Session 1:       Disease Mitigation-Management and Innovations in Shrimp Culture

​Session 2:       Applied aspects of infectious and non-infectious diseases of fin-fish

Oct 4th

​​Session 3:        Intensification of Shrimp in Culture System
Session 4:        Case studies in intensification of fin-fish in RAS, cages and ponds



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Asian Aquaculture Network (AAN) In collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic Singapore

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 ​​​School of Applied Science, Temasek Polytechnic, SINGAPORE 


Aquafeed magazine, Media partner of AquaSG'17
Temasek Polytechnic is the organizor of AquaSG'17

Oct 7th

Aquaculture Industry Development Across Economies

Innovation in Aquaculture - explore the growth and potential of the aquaculture industry in Singapore and across the globe, with expert and practical views from valuable players of the industry.

​*program topics are tentative and subject to charge.​​

Oct 5th

Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture

Oct 6th

Disease & Nutrition Management in Aquaculture



Industry Round Table

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Aquafeed magazine, Media partner of AquaSG'17

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​AquaSG'17 is a true industry forum and platform with topical and regionally relevant conference and workshop session, tailored to facilitate networking, foster learning  and provoke conversations that mater. This year's event will look to address:

  • Knowledge management and education, training and skills development for aquaculture intensification  and disease management.

  • Challenges faced by the current  state of aquaculture and development of support  industries.

  • ​Economics, social and technical drivers for intensification, including policy examples and overview of current status of aquaculture in the Asia pacific region.

  • Biosecure strategies for aquaculture feeds: guidelines for future development.

​​October 2017